Are You Being Mistreated at Work?

Are You Being Mistreated at Work?

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The Law Offices of Aubrey Mitchell PLLC handles cases involving workplace grievances in the North Port, FL area. Attorney Mitchell will act as a consultant, giving you the best legal advice possible every step of the way.

A business law attorney can represent you against workplace grievances, such as:

  • Employee compensation and benefits
  • Employment and personnel policies
  • Unsafe or unhealthy work conditions
  • Denial of earned overtime
  • Improper employee classification

Turn to the Law Offices of Aubrey Mitchell if you've experienced any type of grievance at work.

Comprehensive legal guidance when you need it most

Speaking up about a workplace grievance can feel like a big step-but you deserve fair treatment. Airing a grievance doesn't necessarily mean taking your employer to court, either. Attorney Mitchell can help you mediate your case outside of the courtroom. He'll meet with you one-on-one in his office to go over the details of your grievance and create a plan of action.

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